Best Road Trips To Take In India

Best road trips to take in India
best road trips to take in India

Best Road Trips to Take In India

If you are having a vacation in India or you happen to be there during a long weekend and have no idea what to do, Go for a road trip. India is blessed to have beautiful places which are accessible via roads in minimal time with amazing scenic beauty and well maintained roads. Let’s check some of the best road trips to take when you are in India. 


  • Manali – Leh – 

The distance from Manali to Leh is approximately 479 kms and the whole trip can take you around 2- 2.5 days depending on your speed and halt in between.

Throughout your journey you can enjoy a mesmerising view of snow clad mountains and green valley.

However, taking this route during summer season, i.e from the month of March end- October is a better idea unless you want to enjoy an adventurous snow ride.


  • Mumbai Pune Expressway – 

If you happen to be in Mumbai or Pune over a long weekend and plan to check places like lonavala or Khandala, take this route.

It’s approximately 94 kms long and the journey is very smooth as the expressway is well maintained with plenty of options to relax and grab a burger on your way to your destination.

The picturesque surroundings will be an icing to your trip.


  • Bangalore to Bandipur Forest –

This is one of the most beautiful road trip you can think of as you get to  travel through the forest and via the same route you can continue your journey to Mysore or Ooty.

The road stretches around 220 kms however you are not allowed to take this route past 5 PM so plan your journey accordingly.


  • Yamuna Expressway , Delhi- Agra –

If in Delhi and you want to visit the Taj Mahal, take this route. The expressway is around 165 kms and it takes you around 4 hrs to reach the Taj from Delhi via this route.

The roads are well maintained making your journey smooth and pleasant. However, you can avoid the months of extreme heat i.e from the month of May to August and the weather might not let you enjoy fully.


  • Shillong to Cherrapunjee –

This is one of the most beautiful routes and indeed one of the best road trips to take in India.

The journey is not that long as it is only a 53km stretch which you should be able to cover in approximately 2 hrs.

The route is very beautiful with an amazing view of various waterfalls and lush green villages. 


  • Mumbai – Goa –

This can be another amazing journey and a wonderful experience all together.

The distance is around 556kms and the trip might be 12- 17 hrs long depending upon the stopovers.

The route has plenty to offer, passing through western ghats you can also come across some villages and enjoy some local konkan delicacies.


  • Chennai – Munnar –

If you happen to be in Chennai and don’t have much plans, you can think of going to Munnar, indeed it is one of the best road trips to take in India.

The road stretches around 585kms and the journey can be 12-15hrs depending upon the stopovers.

The route is very beautiful and along the way you can also enjoy a little drop in temperature making your journey more comfortable and helping you escape from the scorching heat of Chennai.

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