Best Schools To Learn Indian Classical Music And Dance

Best schools to learn indian classical music and dance
Best schools to learn Indian classical music and dance

Best schools to learn Indian Classical Music and Dance –

Indian classical music and dance has rose to greater heights in recent times and we have discussed about the types and history of major classical dances of India in brief in our previous article  – Classical Dances Of India. It is evident that throughout the country, several Indian classical schools have opened up to share the knowledge of music and dance. Hence, a comprehensive list of the best schools to learn Indian classical music and dance is provided below.


Northern India –

  • Delhi school of music, Delhi – 

Established by the Delhi music society, the school was founded back in 1966 and offers a diploma on various music and dance-related courses.

It also provides courses to learn instruments that are both western and Indian. The academy has a lot to offer to the students and the lectures are delivered by the best and well qualified professors.


  • Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad –

Indeed it is the best schools in the country to learn Indian classical music and dance, it was established back in 1926.

The school certainly has an extravagant alumni panel that supports the cause of the school and helps it to be amongst the best  in what it has to offer.


Southern India –

  • KM Music Conservatory, Chennai – 

Located in Chennai, the school is the pioneer of Indian classical music and dance because it is headed by none other than AR Rahman.

Based on the student’s interest, several courses are offered in terms of Indian classical music and dance to western music and much more.


  • Swarnabhoomi Academy of music, Kancheepuram – 

The school is located in Kancheepuram where it offers a diploma in learning music and dance.

Through its notable alumni and integrated courses with several renowned Indian classical singers from the country, it certainly provides a nurturing platform for aspiring Indian classical musicians and dancers to grow.


Eastern India –

  • The Calcutta school of music, Kolkata – 

It is one of the oldest music schools in the country, it was established back in 1915.

Ever since it has been the hub for all types of music and dance learning endeavours.

The school also specialises in Indian classical music and offers an array of different courses especially in western style music.


  • Shrutinandan, Tollygunge – 

The academy is headed by Srutinandan who is considered to be among the best Indian classical music singers.

Specialising in Carnatic music and dance,students from far and wide come to seek knowledge from her academy to learn the very essence of Indian classical music.


Western India –

  • Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Mumbai – 

Founded in 2011, Shankar Mahadevan academy provides dedicated learning courses for Indian classical and Carnatic music.

There are several centres of this school like one in Mumbai, Boston and Bangalore each.

There is a range of online courses that you can choose from, and the faculty is from the best of what the Indian music and dance industry has to offer.


  • Bhartiya Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Vashi – 

The centre is the hub for all Indian classical music and dance endeavours.

Based in Vashi, it’s one of the few centres in the country that provides dedicated learning courses to master each of the many Indian classical instruments.  

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