Best Street Foods In India

Best street foods in India
best street foods in India


Almost everyone enjoys and looks forward to taste the local street food when in a new place or country and let me assure you that India will never disappoint you in this category. We have a variety of delicious street foods to offer, changing from almost every part of the country and giving you the best flavours ever. To help you to decide among the wide variety offered by the country we have made a list of the best street foods in India, so let’s check it out.


  • Aalu Tikki – 

Enjoyed by everyone,this is one the main items in the list of street food in India and is found in almost all the parts of the country.

This dish is mainly made of boiled potatoes combined with some spices, shallow fried and served with tamarind and green chutney along with a pinch of chaat masala or chole ( chickpea curry ).

All these flavours in one dish make it one of the best street foods in India.


  • Panipuri – 

Also known as Golgappa, Puchka or Batasha across different states of India, this is one of the most common street foods found in India.

Favourite of all, the panipuri is made of Maida or Sooji and looks like a small ball which is filled with mashed potatoes or chickpeas and served with coriander or tamarind water, depending on one’s choice.

If you are in India, you should definitely taste this dish.


  • Vada Pav-

Vada Pav originated in Mumbai and slowly gained popularity in other parts of India. One can say that it’s an Indian version of Mc donalds burger.

Vada is made of potatoes mixed with some spices and fried in the oil after dipping it into a batter.

This fried potato is served with a Pav, which is a type of Indian Bread and some spicy masala and fried green chillies.

In the state of Maharashtra it is found very commonly and liked by the local people.


  • Momos –

Though this dish has traces from China and is commonly known as Dumplings in south east asian countries, Momos are very common in North India and people relish this item in almost all the stuffings being served.

Mosmos can have stuffing of chicken, paneer, vegetables, mutton and many more.

It is served with a red hot chutney or green coriander chutney. 


  • Pav Bhaji –

This is one of the mouthwatering dishes to be found on the streets of India.

The Bhaji is made of mixed vegetables cooked in various spices over low flame for a long time to which a lot of butter is added and is served with Pav’s equally filled with butter.

This dish is loaded with spicy flavours and butter and is finger licking good.


  • Daulat Ki Chaat –

Famous in the Northern Parts of India, this is a sweet which is made of Milk. The making of this food item is a little tricky but is commonly found in the North and liked by everyone.

The Chaat is creamy in texture and is topped with a lot of dry fruits, cardamom powder and saffron giving it the best taste.

However, you can only find this dish on the streets during winter but if you crave it in summer you can enjoy it in a restaurant.


  • Dabeli –

Basically from the region of Kutch, this food item has done wonders even outside kutch.

It is very famous especially in the western part of India.

This dish is made of a bun which is filled with butter, peanuts, pomegranate tossed with some spices and served with some sev on top of it.

You can taste different flavours in every single bite.

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