Coronavirus – COVID 19

Coronavirus - COVID 19
Coronavirus - COVID 19

Coronavirus – COVID 19, is a new strain of virus which was discovered in 2019 in the Wuhan city of China and since then has spread vastly across various countries in the world.

Signs –

Some of the common signs of the Coronavirus – COVID 19 are high fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. In severe cases the infection can cause pneumonia and can even lead to death.

Statistics –

So far, world wide 161,045 cases of Coronavirus have been reported out of which 75,959 have recovered and 5,973 have died. All over the world scientists are working hard to come up with a vaccine or medicine for this disease which has been recently declared as a pandemic by WHO.Almost all the countries have taken strong measures to protect their people. 

Please Note –

India has come up with some rules to be followed within the country or while you are on travel. Here are some points for you to know if you are planning to visit India –

  • From 13th March, India has suspended all the visas till 15th of April 2020 excluding those of diplomats or officials of UN or international organisations or of those who are on project visas.
  • For OCI card holders, visa free travel facility has been suspended till 15th april 2020, however, if any one wants to visit India urgently can go to the indian mission in his present country and can state the valid reason for going to India and apply for a Visa in person.
  • All the foreigners who are already in India can contact the FRRO/FRO for extension or conversion of their visa.
  • Passengers travelling from or having visited Italy or Republic of Korea will have to provide a certificate from the certified labs in these countries showing that the person has been tested negative for COVID 19.
  • All the foreign as well as Indian nationals coming from China, Italy, Iran , Republic of Korea , France , Germany, Spain shall be quarantined for 14 days.
  • Strict screening facilities have been installed through the land borders as well as sea ports.
  • All the international passengers are required to go through designated check points and screening counters at all points of entry.
  • To clarify any doubts the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare can be contacted on   +91 11 23978046 or can be emailed at [email protected] .





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