How to get Indian Passport for a new born overseas

Indian Passport for a new born overseas
Indian Passport for a new born overseas

Many people think that getting a passport for  new born in a foreign country is quite tricky, but it is seamless indeed. In this article, we have enlisted a few nations where Indian expats can get passports for their newborn of Indian origin. Let’s take a look.


Applying for a passport of your newborn is quite easy and a streamlined process indeed. That said ensure that you have already thought about a name for your new born as you will need to fill that in the Birth Certificate which later will be needed for the application.

Head onto any of the passport application centers that are present all across Singapore. It’s quite a different procedure that you might undergo in India, but more or less, everything is the same.

Is your newborn eligible?

As long as both the parents of the newborn sport Indian passports, you’re good to avail an Indian passport.

Things necessary for availing a passport.

There are a few things that you need to bring to get your toddlers passport. All of which are given below.

  • One colored passport-sized photo of your child.
  • A filled-out application form with the thumb impression in the designated areas.
  • Cash of about 65 SGD or 3377 rupees. (prices are tentative to change based on the time, location and other factors).
  • Passports of the child’s parents.
  • Copy of the childbirth certificate.

Typically, the overall process takes about 10-12 days. But then the entire process takes place offline, and there are a couple of centers such as VFS (Singapore) on either Anson Road or on Rangoon Road, or BLS International Services Singapore on Serangoon Road where you will have to submit the above-given documents. But do ensure that you check the online portal of these enters as each one has a different collection timing.


In Dubai, things are a bit different. For newborns, there is a strict regime followed, and obeyed. Such that within one year of delivery, parents have to apply for an Indian passport for the newborns (If the parents hold an Indian passport). Thus, they have to fill in the EAP-I form to request an Indian passport along with the following documents.

  • Photocopy of the childbirth certificate with English translation. (attested by the ministries of health and foreign affairs).
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs of the child wearing a black dress against a white background.
  • Photocopy and original passports of both parents.

Once all the documents are arranged, either one of the parents must and should carry the baby to the BLS Visa center of which there are several across Dubai. But do keep in mind, there are hefty fines imposed after a year of delivery if the parents fail to register for a passport for their newborn. Any negligence could lead to  consequences. The below listed are the rates that are charged at BLS for a newborn Indian passport.

  • For registration of birth – 95 rupees
  • Passport fees – 171 rupees
  • For Tatkal – 741 rupees
  • BLS Service Charge – 9 rupees.
  • ICWF Charge – 8 rupees

Thus, the above-listed procedure is roughly the same all over the world. While few countries are demanding an extensive amount of documentation others issue passports quite easily. Such that availing passports for your newborn has become a seamless process.

Therefore, if you have a child abroad, don’t panic or worry about the requirement of a passport, it can be done within days of application in your nearest visa application center of the respective city. Also, do check it online to see what procedure you might have to follow in the respective country where the newborn has been delivered.



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