Things To Do While At Home For Coronavirus Quarantine

Things To Do While At Home For Coronavirus Quarantine
Things To Do While At Home For Coronavirus Quarantine

Since the Coronavirus outbreak has become worse in the last few weeks with the number of new cases increasing day by day and also causing deaths all over the world many countries have gone into complete lockdown asking their people to remain indoors. Staying inside the house for such a long time without going out in between can be frustrating at times so we have come up with a list of things to do while at home for coronavirus quarantine.

  • Meditate and Relax –

This can be the best time to learn some basic skills of meditation and relaxation techniques. Most of the time,in our daily routines we don’t get much time to meditate or relax so why not go ahead and check some youtube tutorials related to meditation and relaxation.

With lots of time to spare, one can happily grab a pack of chips and start a series on Netflix. There are a lot of trending shows on Netflix which are worth binge watching like Crash landing on you, Kingdom , Witcher ,etc.

  • Yoga and Exercise –

Many of us in our daily routine might have tried many times to join gym or yoga classes but due to lack of time just end up paying the membership fee and never actually go to the class. This is the right time for you to start yoga or basic exercises to keep you fit. On checking youtube,you can find a lot of free yoga or exercise tutorials which can guide you, for example Yoga with Adriene 

  • Learn To Cook –

There are many applications like Hebbars Kitchen , Tasty, Jamie Oliver Recipes, etc available these days which you can download and learn to make nice recipes or even bake some cakes and breads and enhance your culinary skills and impress your family and friends.

  • Start Reading Again –

I am sure many of you might have quit reading because you don’t have enough time for it now, so why not take this as an opportunity and start reading books from your favorite authors again.

  • Getting Social –

I know you might be thinking how to get social when we are not allowed to go out of the house ? Well ! why not facetime a friend or a family member who you were not able to talk to for a long time. Make group video calls and have some fun together while still away from each other.

  • Learn A New Language –

There are many applications  for IOS and Android users like Busuu, Memrise, Duolingo and tutorials on youtube which can help you learn a new language. Learning something new is always fun and it can be counted as your skill and add a star to your Curriculum Vitae.

  • Learn What You Have Always Wanted To –

Thanks to the technology, you can learn anything and everything while being at home, be it painting, knitting , piano , violin or guitar. This is the perfect time to learn what you have always wanted to but due to lack of time couldn’t go ahead with your plans. You can find a number of tutorials and applications which will help you while learning any of the above mentioned things.


You can consider all these things to do while at home for coronavirus quarantine and pass your time in a much better and productive way.



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