Types Of Biryani You Need To Try In India

types of biryani you need to try
types of biryani you need to try


Biryani is something which we all relish to eat and is easily available in almost all the Indian restaurants across the globe but did you guys know that when you are in India you can actually find different types of biryani and if you are a foodie you must try all the types.

The types differ as you move from one part to another part of the country and all the types are equally aromatic and filled with flavours.

Now let’s check which all flavours you can try or you must try when in India –

  • Hyderabadi Biryani –

This is the most common type of biryani which people like to eat and the history of this biryani goes back to the time of Nizams.

It is mainly cooked in a sealed earthen pot by placing the raw marinated meat in between the layers of basmati rice along with some spices which are especially used to cook biryani.

The whole process takes almost 2 hours or more, depending on the quantity as the pot is kept over a low flame. 


  • Lucknowi Biryani –

Cooked in a unique style called ‘dum pukht’, this biryani is also called ‘Awadhi biryani’.

The marinated meat is cooked separately and later placed in the Handi along with the rice and is cooked over a slow flame for long hours so that all the flavours mix well with each other.

The end result is definitely worth waiting for.


  • Sindhi Biryani –

As the name suggests, this type of biryani originated from the Sindh province.

Bursting with flavours sindh biryani has a lot of spices and dry fruits in it, some also like adding plum and potatoes to it which gives it a different taste from the rest of the types of biryani.


  • Calcutta Biryani –

This comes from the land of Kolkata but has its roots connected to the Awadhi Biryani.

A little sweet in taste and not too spicy it is perfect for you if you don’t like eating too hot. Eggs and potatoes are used while cooking this biryani giving it a different taste.


  • Ambur Biryani –

This is a must try biryani when you are in Tamil Nadu. The rice used to cook this biryani is Samba rice unlike the basmati rice which is used to cook the other types of biryani.

The style of preparing the meat for this biryani is also different as they use coriander and mint while cooking it with some local spices.

It is generally served with brinjal curry which is also made in their traditional way.


  • Thalassery Biryani –

Kerala serves this delicious type of biryani which is sweet and spicy at the same time.

Instead of basmati rice they use Khyma rice and prepare this delicacy by cooking the meat separately with local malabar spices and dry fruits.

Once the meat is cooked properly it is mixed with the rice only at the time of serving.


  • Tehri Biryani –

This is generally prepared in North India and is famous among vegetarians.

The rice is cooked along with different vegetables and spices giving it a nice flavour.

It is said that it originated during the Mughal period where it was prepared for the Hindu men in the Mughal court.


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